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World-class websites built for small to mid-sized legal firms

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Tired of:

websites that don’t WOW prospective clients and differentiate you from the crowd?

a lack of time to create content positioning you as their next legal service provider?

trying to compete in a crowded marketplace with smaller budgets than your competitors?

not being able to work smarter and measure and improve your client engagement?

We are often asked:

"How do we stand out and compete with the big legal firms? It’s hard to be noticed."

You are not alone...

One of our clients recently set up their own firm after years as a corporate lawyer. They wanted to manage their own workload and take on the cases they were passionate about.

The problem was...

They needed to stand out in an already crowded marketplace and build a new brand that clients would sit up and take notice of. They didn’t have the time to continually write authoritative content to grow their profile.

Maybe you can relate?

Standing out against the competition is one of the biggest challenges facing firms in the legal sector, and relying on fee earners to find the time to write expert content can be challenging.

They had two big stumbling blocks...

“We don’t have the time or expertise to focus on building a new, high-performing website ourselves, and we don’t have the bandwidth to produce timely thought leadership content continually.”

We came across several myths that our clients initially believed. Maybe you can relate?

  • 1


    “We can’t get across who we are as people through a website”

  • 2


    “We would never be able to afford the same type of websites as the big firms.”

  • 3


    “We won’t be able to measure ROI in areas like referrals and new business generated from our website and online content.”

  • 4

    Lead Quality

    “There’s no way to filter out unsuitable enquiries from a website. We’ll lose valuable time following up with low-qualified prospects.”

Connect better. Resonate more

World-class websites built for small to mid-sized legal firms

How we can help you succeed


Reliable and trusted online presence

Design-rich and super fast, our JamStack websites are built to be easy to navigate and enhance your online presence. Stand out from the crowd, and improve your client experience.


World-class technology

Giving you the leading content marketing platform and mobile app, priced exclusively for SME law firms, empowering your fee earners, marketing teams, and business development experts to demonstrate their skills to the market more timely and directly.


SEO and Performance

Your website will not only be completely optimised for search engine optimization (SEO), but it will also run at high speed, elevating you in the search results, and improving your organic traffic.


Feel supported

We’ll work with you to deliver onboarding and user training across your stakeholders. As well as integration with your already installed practice software to ensure simple user adoption, we will help you progress efficiencies and avoid missed opportunities between different practice areas.

How are the big players using their expertise to grow their firms?

By combining the most advanced website architecture (JamStack), with the best legal content marketing platform Passle.

Take advantage of this combination to:

  • have fast-loading web pages
  • improve your ranking and visibility on search engines like Google
  • showcase your firm in a creative and vivid way that isn’t possible with traditional websites

Small to medium-sized law firms can now afford to invest in a website that is integrated with top content marketing technology. Showcase your talent and distinguish yourself from your competitors.

our process
  • 1

    Forsters LLP

    Using Passle, the Forsters Marketing and Business Development team were able to efficiently create useful content that engaged key clients and new​ prospects.

  • 2

    Howard Kennedy

    Howard Kennedy have seen great results since using Passle, not just in their key metrics, but also in creating content that supports their wider business development activity.

  • 3

    Colligan Law LLP

    Empowered by Passle, the team at Colligan was not just able to easily exceed their target for content creation, but to generate extraordinary engagement from their most important clients and prospects.

“The feedback we have received regarding our website has been outstanding and has had the desired result of showcasing our expertise while producing a steady stream of enquiries”

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are your websites different from any others?

    Due to the architecture we use, our websites are within the top 3% highest performing on the internet. Our award-winning creative team doesn't have the same limitations as other providers. Our exclusive partnership with Passle opens the only door for SME law firms to utilise the platform.

  • How long does it take?

    About 8–12 weeks.

  • Will we need to write all of the content?

    No, our content team are LLB qualified specialists, so the content will be accurate and authoritative and won't require as much input from you.

  • Can we integrate your Legal Content Marketing Platform into our existing website?

    Absolutely, yes, you can.

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